Van Funeral Flower Tribute

A funeral arrangement in the shape of a van. Beautifully crafted by our talented florists this funeral van wreath can be made in any colour and with a name of a company or person added. The size is approx 70-90cm long and can be delivered to the house, Funeral Directors or crematorium.
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A lovely flower funeral van wreath tribute.  This funeral arrangement is for paying respect to someone who was a van driver, worked with van or indeed loved vans. Our specialist bespoke funeral flower florists cut the shape from flower foam before massing the foam with Chrysanthemums in stages. Each stage is spray painted and left to dry before the finishing details such as tyres, windows and lettering are created. The end result is a lovely bespoke flower tribute with real meaning to the senders for the person who has sadly passed. For delivery to the home, Funeral Director or Crematorium and can be sent by family, friends or colleagues.

For delivery to the home, Funeral Director or Crematorium.

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FREE delivery throughout Braintree, Chelmsford and Witham Essex.