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Funeral Flower GuideFuneral flowers and wreaths for Chelmsford Witham and Braintree and local areas

How do I choose the right flowers? What questions do I need to ask my florist?

These and many other questions and answers are detailed below:

Q. What type of flowers should I send?

Q. Where do I have flowers delivered to?

Q. When do I need to order flowers by?

Q. What type of message should I send?

Q. Can I order more than one tribute?

Q. How do I know what delivery time?

Q. Can I call with my order?

Q. What questions should I ask my florist?

What type of flowers should I send?Funeral Posy for Essex delivery

The 1st question is are you sending flowers as a sympathy gesture to the family or a tribute to the funeral? If you are sending flowers as a sympathy gesture we would recommend you send flowers to the deceased's family and avoid the day of the funeral. They can be sent before or after the funeral date and would include a message such as "thinking of you" etc. We would recommend sending a Hand-tied Bouquet or basket arrangement as the recipients will have to do very little work to maintain them.

If you are sending a tribute. Your relationship to the deceased or the bereaved in many cases dictates the type of tribute you may wish to send. Our Funeral Flower Guide provides some guidance to help you choose the correct item to send.
The Funeral Flower Coffin Spray is normally chosen by the the close family or those in charge of arranging the funeral and/or funeral flowers. In the case of Funeral Name tributes these also are normally sent by the family however there are occasions when close friends have a particular 'nickname' or similar they wish to reproduce in flowers.
It is always worth checking whether the family has requested a colour theme and if so you should pick a tribute accordingly. However, you will find that any tribute will be much appreciated along with any message that accompanies it.
Normally you will have a 'feel' for the style and colour of the funeral flowers you want to send so do not be afraid to ask for them. We can always advise you if you need any help in this area as we have years of experience sending funeral tributes of all different shapes styles and colours.

Where do I have the flowers delivered to?Open Rose funeral heart by Chelmsford Florists

Funeral Director

Most often deliveries are requested to the funeral directors where the deceased may be resting prior to the service. Delivery to a funeral director is recommended wherever possible as most of the flowers will be delivered to the undertakers allowing them to arrive at the service or home address together with the coffin.

Residential Address

Many funeral processions leave from the house and flowers can be laid out for anyone arriving at the house to see.


Many people have their tribute sent directly to the crematorium.  Crematoriums position stands with the deceased name on in the garden of rest. The funeral flowers are then placed next to these along with the flowers that have arrived in the hearse. These will then be viewed by the family and guests after the service.

Church / Place of Worship.

It is recommended that wherever possible one avoids ordering flowers for delivery direct to a church or place of worship. Very often these places are unmanned and it is not clear where the flowers should be left. Flowers left outside by the florist leaves them open to the extremes of the weather from the moment of delivery until the service and also, unfortunately, flowers have been know to 'walk' on occasions.

When do I need to order the flowers by?

When sending funeral flowers please try and order at least two working days before the funeral. For less complex items an order can be taken placed the day before. We will let you know promptly if for any reason we can not complete your order.  Most florists are closed on Sundays so orders for early Monday morning delivery need to be received by midday Saturday. The florist will liaise with the funeral directors in order to ensure the smooth delivery of your funeral flowers and tributes.

How do I order funeral flowers online?

Simply select the product required from one of the collections and follow the simple instructions.
During the order process we will require
 The name of the deceased or the person taking receipt of the delivery.
 The address of the funeral director, Crematorium or the home address
 The date and time of the funeral.
 A card message to be sent with your tribute.
Alternatively call us on the number above and we can advise you and take your order over the telephone

What type of message is sent with the flowers?

It can be very difficult to decide what card message to place on your flowers at such a sad time. Below we have provided some examples which may help you in writing your own message. However, there are no hard and fast rules so write something from the heart and it will be appreciated.
"With deepest sympathy from the A family"
"Dear P, May you rest in peace. Love from A & B x x"
"Mum you are always in our thoughts, and we know that you will be watching over us from heaven.Love A, B & C"
"In loving memory of a dear friend, Love F"
"To Gran with love A & B"
"With love and fond memories of Aunt A from the B family"
"Miss you already - will be thinking of you always love A"
"Good night and God bless Mum, you will always be in our hearts A & B"
"Sleep well princess, you'll be in our hearts forever, our much loved sister A & B"
"Uncle C will be sadly missed but always remembered with a smile. Love X"
"In loving memory. A God bless you, may you rest in peace. Love X and Y"
"To a much loved Grandad May you rest in peace Love always T and D"
"Our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace Love from your brother and sister"
"Our time together was far too short...May you be at peace in Gods arms. Love xxx"
”There are no goodbyes for us, wherever you are, you will always be in my heart from D to C I love you”
”Dad you will always be in our hearts and minds Lots of Love J, F & K”
”In memory of xx, who leaves behind a wonderful son and his beautiful family. Our deepest condolences.... All at ABC Co. ”
”In loving memory of our dear Grandad. Our hearts and prayers are with all the family and we wish we were there with you today. With all our love, G & R xxx”
”Now at peace with you loved ones, fond memories, your friend T”
”With lots of love and with so many fond memories of happy times. Rest in Peace. Love from M”
”Affectionate and fondest memories of dear xx from S and L”
”Uncle xx will be sadly missed but always remembered with a smile. Love M”
”To a true gentleman xx, who was always there for every one else, and will be sadly missed. Rest in peace love C, K & family x x x ”
”In loving memory of a lady who was always smiling. Love from F, W & Family”
”Xx, our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace Love from your brother and sister C & P”
”Our time together was far too short...May you be at peace in Gods arms. Love, G & R”

Can I order more than one tribute?

Yes you can order as many tributes as you wish. If you would prefer to speak to someone then call us 01376 519814

How do I know what delivery time?

Generally speaking, as long as we know the time of the funeral then we can work out the delivery time. Funeral Directors usually require flowers 2 hours before the service, however we normally call them to check. If you require delivery to a house then we normally deliver at least an hour and a half before. Churches and crematoriums normally need the flowers at least 30 minutes before the service.

Can I call with my order?

Yes of course. Call us on 01376 519814

Questions to ask your florist

Q. Will my tribute be delivered on time?

(we will deliver your tribute on time.  We normally deliver funeral flowers to the undertakers at least 2 hours before the service time and liase with them the day before.  We generally deliver to the house at least 1.5 hours before the service time)

Q. What is your contingency plan if there is an emergency such as vehicle breakdown or staff illness.

(We plan for most eventualities with staff that can step in at short notice and on hand vehicles if one decides to play up)

Q. Can I have a picture of my tribute text or emailed to me before delivery? (optional).

(We can do this as a matter of course, just ask!)

Q. Can I email you a picture of a tribute I have found for you to price and create?

(can't see anything you like on our us a link or picture and we will get back to you:

Q. Will you liase with the Funeral Director?

(we do as a matter of course)

Q. What sort of experience do you staff have?

(our staff have over 30 years experince in creating all sorts of tributes)

Q. Does your florist offer a no quibble money back guarantee?

(in the unlikely event you are not happy with your tribute, we will give you your money back, guaranteed!)