Funeral Flowers

Essex funeral flowers tributes and wreathsLocal Essex family florists who will take personal care of your funeral flowers arrangement, ensure it's high quality & will deliver it in time for the funeral. From funeral flower letters and wreaths to heart arrangements and pillows to coffin sprays, view our stunning range. Order online 24/7 or call 8am - 6pm everyday 01376 519814. Free delivery in our Essex flowers delivery areas and 5% special online discount

Funeral sheafs for Essex funerals.  Flowers for funerals include a tied bouquet which is available in different sizes.  Search funeral flowers near me for the best results and to order a stunning funeral bouquet for a funeral in Chelmsford, Braintree or Witham in EssexFuneral posy Tribute.  The posy is available as an open posy containing foliage or a based posy which is carpeted in Chrysanths.  As a local Essex florist, search for funeral flowers near me for delivery to the undertaker or crematorium in Essex.  Funeral flower posy are circular and beautifulFuneral Sprays for arrangements in Essex.  Flowers for a funeral can be for a double ended por single ended flower spray.  This can be for on top of the coffin or just as a gesture by those attending a funeral in Essex.Funeral flower Hearts include a stunning range of based of foliaged heart for a funeral in Essex.  If you are local, look for funeral flowers near me to locate ourselves and choose from the wide range of funeral hearts available.Funeral Pillows and cushions flowers for Essex funerals.  Meaning to represent the lasting resting place, funeral flower pillow and cushions are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  Funeral flowers near me for a range of stunning funeral pillows and cushionsFuneral letters and flowers.  Funeral flower letters are available in one size.  Flower letters for a funeral can be made in a variety of colours and styles and can be delivered in Essex by our specialist funeral floristsFuneral Wreaths flowers arrangements. The funeral wreath is circular and means never ending love or friendship.  If you are ordering flowers for a funeral then consider a beautiful circular funeral wreath. Funeral flowers near me in EssexFuneral Stars signify a bright star shining in the sky made from flowers for a funeral. A lovely choice for a funeral near me in EssexFuneral crosses flowers for Essex delivery.  A funeral cross is a very religious symbol.  made from flowers for a funeral, the cross is available in different lengths and in a variety of colours for a funeral near me in EssexBespoke funeral tributes essex.  Unusual flowers for a funeral and different ideas as what funeral flowers to send to a funeral near me.  A wide range of unusual funeral flower arrangementsFuneral gates of heaven are made from flowers. Gates of heaven funeral flowers in Essex are available in different colours and styles and look stunning. Look for a funeral florist near meSports funeral tributes and flowers for Essex Funeral Flowers Anchors for delivery in Essex. Anchor Wreaths are beautiful tributes and a great way to say goodbye to someone who loved boats. Lovingly created by expert funeral florists

How to Buy Funeral Flowers for Delivery

Stunning funeral tributes from funeral posies to Coffin Sprays, Floral Anchors to Funeral Flowers Letters Cheap. Normally, funeral flower wreaths and tributes are delivered to either the Funeral Directors, Crematorium or to the house in Essex.  Occasionally, a floral wreath or spray, or indeed any other tribute, may be requested to be delivered to the church in time for the service.  Generally this is advised against as there may not be anyone at the premises when we deliver. 

Different types of flowers for funerals

As a specialist funeral florist, we understand the differences in the types of funeral flower arrangements that may be requested.  Our customers order a complete variety of flowers for a funeral from a simple sheaf to a coffin spray, funeral flowers lettering to a nice posy or circular floral wreath.  Apart from the funeral bouquet or sheaf, all other funeral flowers tend to be created using flower foam in a tray or foam back.  The design and shape of any chosen tribute is entirely down to the customer but can be tied in to match whatever the close family have organised or could be the colours of the deceased's favourite team for instance. Funeral flowers near me is a term that many people will search when looking for advice from a local funeral florist. This will help determine which funeral flowers to choose. As a quick guide here are the different types.

Casket Spray

Also known as a coffin spray this is an arrangement which sits on top of the coffin. Available in different sizes and often termed ‘double ended’ or ‘single ended’.  Double ended tapers to a point at both ends, whereas single ended has a straighter edge at the head end, tapering to a point towards the foot.  It’s often chosen as the main arrangement by the family.

Funeral Wreath

 Usually an open centred ring or sometimes an open centred heart.  These can be fully decorated, or garlanded to cover only part of a decorative base.  Natural wreath bases can be woven willow or twiggy bases, or frames covered in moss.  Can be the main flowers or used as additional arrangements for a funeral. Lots of people spell it as funeral reef when searching for funeral flowers near me.

Tied Sheaf

 A tied sheaf is a beautifully simple form of funeral flowers. Like a large flat-backed bouquet, a sheaf is made to lie on top of the coffin and can be used instead of a casket spray or wreath. Can be used as the main flowers or as an additional arrangement for flowers for funerals.

Funeral Flower Posy

 Posy can mean different things, so check with your chosen florist. A ‘posy pad’  is a round dish (usually of floral foam) filled with flowers.  Posies can also be small tied bunches of flowers which can be attached to the sides of the coffin or placed on it as small tributes as part of the ceremony. Can also be used to decorate the wake, placed in small jars or vases.

Funeral Pillow

Or cushion One of the most popular options is the traditional funeral cushion or pillow, symbolising a comfortable resting place for the deceased. The best thing about cushions is that they are available in a range of different colours and sizes, and in rectangular, square and heart-shaped designs, meaning you can easily find one to suit your budget.

Our online funeral flower shop

The great thing about an online flower shop is that you can take your time and carefully select the type of flowers for funerals you would like to send.  There is a space to state the time of the funeral, where you would like the funeral flowers delivery and also what message you would like attached. You can then have confidence in us to make sure your wreath is delivered on time.  You can even create an account and login to see the status and progress of your tribute. Check out our funeral flower guide for more information. Search funeral florists near me to find a local funeral florists to the service.

Funeral Flowers, What happens next

When you order flowers for a funeral, the florist will determine the delivery address.  Once we know where delivery is to in the local area, we will deliver in good time for you.  This may be to the undertakers or to the crematorium.  Some people prefer their funeral flowers to be delivered to the home.  Generally speaking, delivery takes place 2-3 hours before the funeral service and all the flowers for funerals will be there in time for the service.

If you need further advice, see our funeral flowers guide here.

Why send Funeral Flowers?

Do you ever wonder whether to send flowers for someone's funeral? The norm has become quite blurred, so the decision isn't quite as simple as it once was. In the past, you were likely to see rows of circular funeral wreaths and funeral flowers in the chapel or church. Now, however, there might be a couple of circular funeral wreaths, but you'll see more of a variety of funeral flowers arrangements, live plants, and cards showing that a charitable donation was made in honour of the deceased. After someone passes away, whether it’s a friend, family member, or the loved one of a friend or family member, you may still want to send funeral flowers, even if you make a donation in the person's memory. Knowing what type of floral funeral arrangement to send depends on a number of factors, including your relationship to the deceased or family. Although there are no hard and fast rules about sending funeral flowers in Essex anymore, there are some guidelines that can help you decide what to do.

Reason to Send Funeral Flowers

The purpose of flowers at a funeral is to celebrate life. Whether the flower arrangement is formal or informal, it should provide comfort and help lift the mood of the family of the deceased and show that you care. However, avoid anything too light or silly, such as balloons or stuffed animals on a stick in the arrangement. If possible, include a handwritten note, you can have your Essex florist do it for you. A few simple words of condolence are all you need.

Regarding Faith

You will also want to take the faith and culture of the deceased into consideration before sending flowers funeral. What may be appropriate for one culture may be inappropriate for another. If you aren’t sure, ask the closest family member you know.

Common practices according to faith:

Catholic – Most flowers and arrangements are acceptable.

Protestant Christian – Most flowers and arrangements are welcome at both the memorial service and the funeral.

Mormon – Most flowers are appropriate. However, avoid arrangements on a crucifix or cross.

Eastern or Greek Orthodox – Most flowers are accepted, and white flowers are favoured.

Jewish – Although you may send flowers to the family members’ homes, flowers at the funeral home are not typically displayed. Some of the more contemporary Jewish funerals allow flowers at the entrance of the synagogue. If you are in doubt, you should probably refrain from sending flowers and opt for a fruit basket sent to the home of the family instead.

Baha’i – Most flowers and arrangements are appropriate.

Buddhist – Most flowers and arrangements are appropriate.

Hindu – Although floral arrangements are acceptable, garlands are more common at a Hindu funeral.

Muslim – The appropriateness of flowers varies in the Islamic religion, so ask family members before sending them. Many people of this religion prefer that you send money to a charity in lieu of flowers. If you choose to order flowers for an Islamic funeral, keep the arrangement simple and elegant.

Members of the Immediate Family

Husbands, wives, children, sisters, brothers, parents, and grandparents may order any type of floral arrangement they like. However, there are certain types that are reserved for immediate family members. Keep in mind that funeral flowers from family are typically placed closest to the coffin during the viewing or wake. In some cases, they may be inside the coffin with the deceased.

A coffin or casket spray is generally from the immediate family. Other arrangements from the spouse, children, or parents may also include spray arrangements, funeral flower letters, pillows and cushions, and heart shaped arrangements.

Extended Family Members

Other members of the family such as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and even close friends also have a wide range of options. The traditional spray is often chosen along with funeral flower letters for the most impact. Sometimes, informal arrangements are good options because they can go home with the immediate family or taken to the cemetery.

Close Friends and Business Associates

Close friends and business associates of the family of the deceased may want to send flowers funeral to show that they are thinking of them during their time of grief. Some of the best floral arrangement for friends to send to a funeral include sprays, wreaths, basket arrangements, sheafs.  Friends have the option of sending the flowers directly to the funeral home, Essex crematorium or to the home of the family member.