DADDY Funeral Letters

Beautiful Floral Funeral Letters to spell DADDY. These are available in a range of colours. Letters are roughly 12" or 30cm high and are finished with ribbon and top flowers of various colours.
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A funeral wreath for DADDY in flower letters  This flower Daddy tribute can be made in virtually any colour and our florists will skilfully and lovingly create your funeral letters tribute.  Generally, the Daddy Funeral letters can be made in a variety of colours however the double Chrysanthemums used to base the letters are more commonly available in white, pink and yellow and the flower arrangements on top generally compliment the colour of the ribbon unless otherwise requested.  Size of the funeral letters are standard florist size, approximately 12" (30cm) high and are mounted on a funeral letter stand as shown. For delivery to the home, Funeral Director or Crematorium. Click image to enlarge and for more information... FREE delivery in most of Essex