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Our 7 Day Freshness Guarantee

Our promise to you.

At Blossom Florists we have a small team of professional florists who are dedicated to delivering the best quality and freshest flowers. We want our customers and their recipients to be delighted with their gift.  If for any reason you are not satisfied then please call us on 01376 519814 and we will do our best to put the situation right.

Our 7 day guarantee means that if the flowers you sent, after being cared for as per the instructions in the leaflet sent with the flowers, do not last 7 days then we will replace them free of charge.  The guarantee covers most flowers and situations with the exception to this being some spring and summer flowers which are not long lasting flowers.  Obviously the guarantee does not cover the odd flower wilting and dying within the arrangement before the others as this may be down to the flower itself. The guarantee also excludes flowers at busy periods such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  This is due to farmers cutting the flowers earlier to meet the massive demand at this time meaning we have limited control over the freshness of the flowers.