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Funeral Letters

A guide to Funeral Flowers

Welcome to our local florist guide to choosing and buying funeral flowers. There are many shapes and sizes of funeral flowers. Wreaths to cover the coffin or to spell out a name through to small gestures such as a posy to let the family know your thoughts are with them on the funeral day.

The history of funeral flowers

Giving funeral flowers is one of the oldest funeral traditions in the world. Archaeologists have analysed graves from over 62,000 years ago in Iraq and found fragments of flowers left as a tribute.  Thousands of years later, funeral flowers are still a tradition that exists across many different cultures around the world.

The meaning of funeral flowers

Flowers are thought to represent the natural circle of life. Different types of flowers also have different symbolism.

Suitable Funeral Flowers – What To Send

Funeral Flowers for Chelmsford in Essex
Our Funeral Guide

For a comprehensive guide to choosing funeral flowers then visit our funeral flowers guide. Funeral and Sympathy flowers are an integral part of the funeral process and have been a tradition throughout history. However, we know that it is difficult to know what kind of flowers to send

What is the difference between Funeral flowers and Sympathy flowers?

Funeral Flowers are for the funeral service and go directly to the funeral home, they are a tribute to the deceased. Sympathy flowers to to the home of the deceased and should be addressed to a loved one who has suffered the recent loss.

What is the most appropriate type of arrangement?

Consider your relationship with the person who has passed. The type of tribute can be dictated by how close you were. For instance, close family may want a coffin spray but this wouldn’t be appropriate to be sent by friends or colleagues. A tribute made from red roses would be more appropriate from a loved one.

Funeral Wreath by Chelmsford Florist
Funeral Wreath

A wreath is without a doubt the most popular choice for funerals and most people will request a wreath to be made up to a certain value using the requested flowers. A wreath is a floral presentation often used because a circle symbolizes eternal life. Alongside wreaths there are many other types of popular arrangements such as a spray – flowers designed for viewing from one side only , hearts & cushions and also special tributes – specially designed in the shapes of crosses, teddy bears or iconic symbols.

What should I send for a cremation?

Cremation is becoming more and more popular nowadays and people are confused about proper flower etiquette. Simply put, just because it’s a cremation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send flowers.

What flower types are appropriate?

Carnations are a popular choices for sympathy arrangements. A red carnation evokes admiration while a pink carnation stands for remembrance. White carnations stand for pure love and innocence. Lillie’s, roses and gerbera are also popular tributes to send.

What message should I include on the card?

A personal note in remembrance of the deceased in usually included. A praise or tribute is usually expressed or simply a note to say ‘we are thinking of you’ message with the flowers would be especially nice for the family. Any support you can offer will let the family know you care. Be sure to write who it is from so that the family knows the sender. More tribute messages can be found in our funeral flowers guide.

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