Autumn Bouquet
Rich autumn colours in Gerberas and Roses

Autumn is fast approaching and it is that time of year when the trees explode into a fusion of glorious colours and tables are decorated to suit. Flower trends change from year to year and this is a great time to celebrate the coming of Autumn, rather than reminisce about the passing of summer. Whether you are planning an autumn wedding or looking for inspiration for your garden or for a stunning floral arrangement, Autumn is the perfect time to get creative.

Warm Fusions

Orangey red colours are trending this Autumn in a vibrant fusion of heat; Tango Pup lilies mixed with hanging amaranthus, blackberries can be added in permanent form to displays and red chili peppers add fresh vitality to stunning displays. It’s all about fusing colour and life with the outdoors for your table bouquets and these work beautifully for the Autumn and winter months, bringing warmth when you need it.

Lilies are hot this Autumn, with LA lilies dominating the market in the U.K, which add eye-catching reds and oranges to the home and garden.

Autumn Bouquet
Red Roses and lime greens with Berries

Perenials such as Black eyed Susan, also known as Rudbeckia, will bloom in your garden from late summer to frost and this is a great choice as it tends to look after itself and will give lovely colour throughout Autumn. ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum will flower in late summer and its blossoms will darken to bronzy red as Autumn comes along, whilst Salvia will bloom in Autumn and create a tall wall of vibrant colour in your garden.

Bouquets this Autumn are richer in texture, combining many different varieties of flowers and coordinating them with hot colour schemes. Classic flowers are being mixed with velvety and feathery coxcomb, berries, ferns, lotus pods and wooly lamb’s ear leaves are turning flowers into mesmerizing displays for weddings and the home. Statements are in; poppies with dark centers clearly tell us that summer is long gone and invite us to celebrate in these exciting and enticing Autumn colours. Classic flowers are also popular, with interesting Autumn tones in burgundy, red, plum and orange being opted for this coming season, not to mention roses which are always a good choice.

Creating Antique Hydrangeas

Antique hydrangeas are popular too, and give a lovely vintage feel to an event or naturally to the hydrangeas growing in your garden. They will antique as summer turns to Autumn; the blooms will fade and if you continue watering they will change colour quite quickly, particularly with the colder nights drawing in. Antique hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to any display and if you grow them in your own garden you can simply wait until the blossoms become rigid, before cutting them and placing into a vase of water for a week. After this time, don’t refill the vase, simply watch the hydrangea dry out and antique perfectly and it will last a good long while. Tips such as these can be found in good gardening guides, whether you want to care for your perennials or create the best displays for all seasons and will help you to hone your gardening skills and ensure you have the most enviable garden displays of all your friends and family.

Wedding Trends

The trend this Autumn is for woodland themes, motifs and garlands to create a setting that echoes the outdoors. Green shades are being mixed together with other earthy hues to create a palette that is warm and very much eco friendly. Oranges, reds and plums complement this idea very well and give the richness you need for that perfect Autumn wedding. Ivory in a natural but warm tone is also popular. Dahlias, peonies, lily of the valley and celiosa are great choices this Autumn with their impressive blooms and professionals are mixing wide-open flowers with buds and accessories such as wheat stalks and feathers to create more texture.

The hot trend is for greenery such as garland chair swags and even moss table runners and displays include seasonal fruit to really accentuate Autumn themes. Autumn is the perfect season to celebrate the harvest within your wedding and many brides are opting for these fresh, natural and delightful themes for their big day.

With an array of vibrant colours and textures available, flower displays are set to dazzle this Autumn. From plum and red hues to graceful lilies, antique hydrangeas and woodland themes, the Autumn promises exciting floral trends that celebrate this wonderful season.

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