Christmas Holidays for Florists


So Christmas day has come and gone and New Year is fast approaching. Many people want to send flowers to say thank you or wish someone a Happy New Year. So why then are so many florists closed during this holiday period? The answer comes from the logistics of being able to get a supply of flowers to the quality or variety that we would normally expect. This then has a knock on effect for our customers so many of us find it better to stay closed during this time until a new supply of stock comes online after the New Year.

Beautiful flowers direct from Holland for Delivery in Chelmsford Braintree and Witham in Essex
Holland is the world centre for Flowers


If you are not familiar with the flower industry in the UK then you may be surprised to learn that the majority of flowers that you buy from a florists or flower shop/ supermarket come via the auctions in Holland. They are responsible for setting the world prices for flowers and these get flown in from all over the globe as well as their enormous flower production in Holland itself.  The auctions run most weekdays over the year with very few bank holidays. Although there are only two bank holidays during the Christmas period, because demand is weak, farmers produce/cut less and importers buy/ stock less flowers. This also means that flowers that have been left unsold by the farmers, importers and auction before Christmas day can then kick about for a few days before eventually being sold on.

Here at Blossom Florists, we would rather wait to after the New Year for the normal supply of flowers to resume so that we can ensure that any bouquets or funerals or wedding flowers we send out are as fresh as we can possibly provide.

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